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We use following industry-leading specialty software packages to arrive at techno-economically most optimum designs / solutions:
Process Simulation
PRO/II®: Premier Process Simulation Package
VisualFlow®: Flare Network Simulation and Analysis
  INPLANT®: Utility Systems Simulation and Optimization
  DATACON®: DCS Data reconciliation for H & M Balance
Heat Exchanger Design & Simulation
  HTRI®: Premier Heat Exchange Design & Analysis Package
  Hextran®: Heat Ex Network Design / Optimization
Mechanical Design
  PVElite®: Columns, pressure vessels, etc.
  Designer’s Desktop: Columns, pressure vessel, etc.
We use applicable Indian & international codes and good engineering practices to provide you well-engineered plant designs / solutions.
The individual and collective project and technical expertise of our experts allows us to deliver appropriate, cost-effective solutions in the following areas to clients to maximize their assets, improve their competitive position, and increase their long-term business success.
Conceptual Design
Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)
Detailed Engineering
Operational Technical Support
HSE Services
Professional Training


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