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About 5 years ago, as I took retirement from the corporate world, the idea to offer front-end engineering design services to the process industry came from a long time friend, Mr. K.G. Tuli. And, that my forty-odd years experience ought to be shared with the industry. This also appeared to be the need of the hour. And thus, Spectra Dynamics Limited was established in participation with Mr. Tuli and Mr. Patel of Paramount Limited.

The industry response has been overwhelming. And, this would not be possible without the support and encouragement of our friends and associates across the industry. I take this opportunity to thank you personally and initiate this formal quarterly newsletter. The publication will serve to keep you informed of the expansions in our activities as well as provide a medium of periodic communication.

Ajit Kapadia


With the dynamic growth and development in India, we are proud to assert our role in the areas of technology and engineering. It is with great pride and joy that we serve and bolster the process industry. And, we continue to further develop our competence and skills to meet and exceed your expectations and requirements.

Going forward, we continue to see a strong requirement for process-centric design and engineering services. We would make every endeavour to continue to be innovative and diligent in our design – and thereby provide industry-leading services to you. The theme of this edition is one of our core strengths: Ammonia-related systems. I hope that you will enjoy reading this and future editions.


Mr. Jay Kapadia

Executive Director


Ammonical salt solutions require the removal of ammonia prior to their discharge, in order to meet the statutory norms. Moreover, it is not judicious to lose a valuable commodity like Ammonia in the waste stream.

Spectra has developed an innovative technology to recover ammonia in aqueous solution or as anhydrous gas. The process has the advantages of high ammonia recovery, low energy and capital costs. The plants generally have an attractive payback period. The process is relatively simple to operate and uses routine equipment. Various forms of this technology are commercially used in several plants.

Traditional technology utilizes caustic soda to treat ammonia-based streams. Although these systems work well, they are becoming increasingly uneconomical due to the sustained high prices of caustic soda. Lime treatment could prove to be a worthy alternate; however the rich-slurry streams resulting from the lime treatment provide stiff challenges. Handling of these streams, especially in columns, is difficult due to their choking tendency.

Recently, Spectra developed an innovative technology to recover Anhydrous Ammonia from this slurry. The slurry-stream was handled in a column using specially designed non-choking trays, while still ensuring satisfactory vapour-liquid contact. The ammonia recovery plant using a column with these special type trays has been installed and has been performing on-spec as per the design requirements.


Process conditions often require heating to moderately high temperatures. And, it may be possible to utilize hot water instead of steam for these applications. Hot water is easy to generate, handle and recycle. And, most importantly, it is much less expensive than steam.

Spectra carried out the basic and detailed engineering for the revamp of one such plant using moderately high temperatures. Significant reduction in the steam requirements especially from the column reboilers were reaped as hot water systems replaced steam. The revamps were executed successfully and the plant continues to perform on-spec, while reducing the utility costs considerably. The efficiency of the associated gas turbine went up from 63% to 78%.



Spectra continues to be been awarded several major projects with some industry-first type applications. Selected one are:

  Process Design Package for a Specialty Amine Facility

Spectra recently began work on developing the FEED package for a Gujarat-based specialty amine manufacturing company. The project was awarded to Spectra considering its competence, quality of documents delivery and the track-record for timely project completion.
  Conceptual & Basic Engineering for a Unique Specialty Weedicide Plant

Spectra is developing a unique first-of-its-kind design for a specialty weedicide plant coming up in Gujarat. Spectra has completed the conceptual & basic design phases and the project is at the detailed engineering stage.
  Basic Engineering for a DHDT Naphtha Stabilizer Unit
Spectra has carried out Basic Engineering for the DHDT Naphtha Stabilizer for a major Public sector Refinery in North-eastern India. Simulation and PFD were developed for the two cases of operation and the balance plant design was successfully carried out for the governing case.

For more details on other project activities, click here.


Spectra carried out several company events throughout the course of the year. Selected ones include:

  Annual Company Picnic
The annual company picnic was held earlier this year at the banks of the beautiful Narmada River. The day of food, fun and frolic was celebrated by playing various group games, eating delicious food by a special Rajasthani Chef, and dancing to famous Bollywood tunes.
  Table Tennis Tournament
An exciting table tennis tournament was organized with participation from junior executives to the Chairman. The closely contested tournament was followed closely by everyone.
  GOLD Master Program
The Group for Oration & Language Development (GOLD) Master meets bi-weekly for self-paced development program. The meetings are fun and help in the personal development process.

The Indian process industry continues to bustle with activity. Several new projects are envisaged across industry segments:

  Oil & Gas Industry
The exploration and production industry has been abuzz with recent discoveries by Cairn India (oil find, Rajasthan) and Reliance Industries Limited (Gas find, offshore KG basin). Although, the traditional giant ONGC continues to hold the lion share of the market. Marginal players like HOEC, Selan Exploration, Canoro Resources and others have also been increasing activities with international companies coming onto the scene.
  Refining Industry
The rising demands for the various refinery products have led to several new projects in the refinery market. New projects include the Guru Govind Singh Refinery in Punjab, Bina Refinery in Madhya Pradesh by public sector units (PSUs); Reliance Industries Limited and Essar Oil in Gujarat. Several major expansions are also coming up at various existing refineries.
  Petrochemicals & Chemicals
Several major projects are on the cards with private enterprise and the PSUs both being active. ONGC is getting started with a major project in Gujarat. GACL is forming a joint venture with Dow Chemicals for setting up a large chemicals facility. Mid-size players like UPL, INOX, Gharda, SRF, Rallis and others are also busy with major upcoming expansions.


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